Hildegard Does Everything at Once

Genre-defying music often feels forced, or it comes with the nagging suspicion that trade-offs were made, and not for the better. With Hildegard, it seems like Sasha Masakowski and Cliff Hines have made an effort to fold as much music that they like as possible into one project. They specifically explore the place where jazz, prog rock, and EDM meet with Hildegard, but other influences subtly show up as well.

Jazz Fest Playlist: Sasha Masakowski

[This weekend, a number of artists playing Jazz Fest have contributed Spotify playlists. Friday, jazz vocalist Sasha Masakowski performs, and here's hers.]

"This year for Jazz Fest, I'm pulling my repertoire and inspiration straight out of the dawn of the 20th Century. Embracing history is such a key element of New Orleans culture that I thought it would be fun to feature so historical New Orleans music this year at the Fair Grounds, with a twist, of course.