Becoming the Residents

The Residents’ anonymity has been the band’s stylish calling card. The members have protected their identities by appearing in public and in photos wearing costumes, most commonly in their signature eyeball helmet/masks and tuxedos. Their music doesn’t draw attention to individual members either. Vocals are usually processed or distorted in ways that make it hard to be sure if the band has one lead vocalist, or if The Residents pass that chore around.

Nicki Bluhm Longs for the Simpler Life

Nicki Bluhm is sitting in a Home Depot parking lot in Milwaukee. It’s noon and she and her band The Gramblers can’t park the tour bus in front of the venue for another three hours, so she has some time on her hands. “We’re probably going to hit up the Whole Foods,” she says. Days like this don’t happen often on tour, but when they pop up, she tries to do something normalizing—take a yoga class, go on a bike ride, play guitar in the park.

The Dodos Aren't Sure

“I was so stressed,” recalls The Dodos' vocalist and guitarist Meric Long. On a lark, he DJ’d at a museum event in the band’s native San Francisco, “and did the worst thing you can do as a DJ, which is have the music cut out.” But watching the guests meander, Long saw attendees were more focused on the planetarium’s spinning space bodies than his own rotating records, “which made it okay because then I was like, ‘Okay, they’re obviously not paying attention.’”

Win Tickets to See The Mowgli's

When The Mowgli's played the Austin City Limits Festival last year, Ramon Ramirez wrote:

The sunshine smile rockers are an eight-deep collective of roving salesman. They preach peace-loving values and travel with decorative dogs. It's Prius rock with unlimited endorsement upside – because, reluctantly, the journeyman crew has the songwriting goods.