Jazz Fest Review: Phish Frenzy Doesn't Strike Twice

Any fears that Phish fans would once again descend on New Orleans and Jazz Fest in all their unkempt, nomadic glory went unfounded. Not only were there no roving bands of tripping pranksters, but there were likely fewer of any kind of Phish fan than expected. The crowd did reach the track rails at the Acura Stage, but by choice not necessity.

Jazz Fest Preview: Our Picks for Weekend One

During Jazz Fest, picks and are closer to a wish list than a plan. I can say now that I intend to see these acts, but if something I'm passing by catches my ear (or looks good to eat or drink), then the plan is sidetracked if not derailed completely.

My default mode is usually the international music since the international groups are the ones I'm least likely to see or hear again. They don't all hold my interest equally, but I try to check them out. 

Christmas in January?

We look forward to the announcement of the talent lineup for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell with the same sort of eagerness that we wait for Christmas. Then it gets here, we eagerly see what we got, and find a pair of socks. A shirt. Things we need or can use, but they're not on par with the anticipation. Maybe nothing could be, but still ...