Sallie Ford Says It Straight

Portland-based rock act Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside has a frontwoman who tells it like it is. She writes rock ‘n’ roll music that is peppered with sarcasm and anger, innuendos and not-so-subtle confessions. “There are some naughty songs on the record,” Ford says, laughing. “Most of the time, I just end up being really blunt.” Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside play One Eyed Jacks on Sunday night.

Floating Action Creates At Home

“I’ve been preparing for this other gig I’ve got tonight. We’re playing a lot of Cuban and African music from the ‘50s,” says Seth Kauffman, the man behind retro-blues project Floating Action. Since Kauffman’s international travels was initial inspiration for Floating Action’s sound, these kinds of occasional gigs come as no surprise from the singer-songwriter who writes, records, and produces Floating Action’s records singlehandedly.