Recently, rock band AWOLNATION returned to New Orleans and the House of Blues for the first time since playing Voodoo last Halloween. Nights later, EDM act SBTRKT played The Republic. Photographr Patrick Ainsworth was at both to capture two very different spectacles. AWOLNATION is a conventional rock show that is all about singer Aaron Bruno, while SBTRKT's main man Aaron Jerome does his best to obscure his identity.

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You and Your Shadow

DJ Shadow's Endtroducing presented a new way to think about DJs in 1996 as he liberated samples from their support roles for emcees and used them to construct trippy, soulful compositions with a groove. Since then, his career has helped make way for the EDM explosion of the last few years, though he is definitely a DJ. Shadow is tour now in support of Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow (the regular version and the limited edition box set). 

Royal Teeth Makes a Joyous Return

I witnessed New Orleans/Lafayette indie dance pop band Royal Teeth play The Backstreet Boys' “I Want It That Way” to a packed Throwback night at The Republic nearly one year ago, and since then, vocalist Gary Larsen can only describe what has happened as a crazy, busy whirlwind. “We played CMJ last year, and we were trying to decide if we were ready to hop onto the festival circuit,” he says.

Yeasayer Has a Fresh Scent

“I hope whenever the fucking shitty movie is made about Brooklyn in the ‘00s, it’s going to be more like Justice League. And I want to be Aquaman,” Ira Wolf Tuton of Yeasayer says. And Brooklyn musicians don’t actually have a “rock and roll clubhouse in Prospect Park,” he adds. Bands from this New York City borough might get grouped together often, but the guys in Yeasayer like to keep their toys to themselves.