Mem Shannon Remembers Jimmy Glickman Belatedly Thanks to Facebook

In the last few weeks, word has circulated about Facebook’s Filtered Messages mailbox—one that few people knew existed. After musicians found gig offers from the past misdirected into that file, I checked mine. Most of the messages were typically spamtastic, but one message came from Mem Shannon a few months ago when I asked musicians for their memories of New Orleans’ Music Exchange’s Jimmy Glickman.

Toussaint for Two

New Orleans has lost more than most know in the passing of Allen Toussaint. He passed away in Madrid from a heart attack at the age of 77. We know the hits he wrote and produced, but it was only through talking to George Porter Jr. about working Toussaint-produced sessions and reading Daniel Phillips’ Home of the Groove blog that I appreciated how remarkably productive Toussaint was.

Remembering Cosimo Matassa

Tuesday, Cosimo Matassa was buried. As sad as his passing is, it’s reassuring to know that he lived long enough to know how loved and appreciated he was. It’s hard to say that any death is a relief, but it was tough in his last years to watch someone who was as outgoing and friendly as he was silenced by the stroke he experienced in 2009.