Nola Mix Drops an Anniversary Mix

Earlier this summer, we talked to DJ Yamin, Quickie Mart, and Tony Skratchere about NOLA Bounce Breaks, Vol. 1 at NOLA Mix Records. Yamin runs NOLA Mix, and the story ends with video of him scratching live with the bounce beats EP, showing off how it could be used. At the time of the story, the EP was almost sold out. Now, a limited edition colored vinyl in on sale as well.

Sundog in the Land of Never

Never Records opened with little fanfare, and it looked like any indie record shop. Big, flashy gig posters for bands whose names sound familiar lined the walls, and there were snapshots of the owner (you assume) with musicians who are famous to him, if not to you. There were half-filled bins of albums in plastic sleeves, and the guy behind the counter looked far more interested in what he was doing than running a store, casually throwing paper near but not in a garbage can.