Voodoo News: A Long Last Look at a Shortened Voodoo

It was a shame to have Voodoo 2015 come to an early end with Sunday lost to rain and mud, but judging by the photos organizers posted on Facebook, the grounds were at least miserable if not dangerous. And, it’s hard to imagine who made the long, slow, precarious slog out through ankle-deep damp mud at the end of the night Saturday and didn’t ask themselves if anyone was worth another day of that.

Treme: The Size of the Foe

[Spoilers abound.] This week, it became apparent what New Orleanians are up against. The culture of police corruption moves to center stage as its magnitude stifles Toni Bernette (Melissa Leo) in her efforts to get witnesses on Wilson and menaces L.P. Everett (Chris Coy) in his attempts to pursue the Henry Glover case. It's faceless, malevolent force that throws a shade of uncertainty over everything. Did a cop really see that Sophie didn't have her seatbelt on at night, or was the ticket a harrassment technique?

Treme: No Sympathy for the Devil

Last week's Treme looked at the bargains we make to get what we want; this week's episode examines the same thing from the perspective of those we bargain with. Scenes of Tim (Sam Robards) closing the deal with Janette (Kim Dickens) in The Parkway are intercut with shots of Marvin (Michael Cerveris) doing the same with Annie (Lucia Micarelli) over dinner at Bayona.