The Soul Rebels Trace Their Hip-Hop Roots

For years, much of the New Orleans music community treated hip-hop as the bad cop to the brass bands’ good cop—one suspect; one real music. One sold a ton of records, while the other was treated as true New Orleans music. But the dirty little not-so-secret is that both were street musics, and they influenced each other. Brass band members were listening to hip-hop as much as rappers, particularly bounce artists, were listening to brass bands.

Mississippi Rail Company Turns Old Into New

“People always move retroactively,” says Travers Geoffray of rhythm-and-blues quartet Mississippi Rail Company. “Nothing is new anymore when it comes to fashion or music.” But Geoffray has no problem with this. Mississippi Rail Company, a soulful, bluesy blend of upright bass, tenor saxophone, keyboard and drums, understands this trend and embraces it with a heavy New Orleans influence. The band plays Jazz Fest on Saturday.