QOTSA, Beach House, Weedie, and "Exile" Play Night Shows During Jazz Fest

The jam wave that followed Phish’s first appearance at Jazz Fest changed New Orleans’ nightlife during the festival, for years turning it into a place where the members of Lettuce are royalty, Grateful Dead-like jams take place nightly, and friendships made on the Jam Cruise find a stage. Funky jazz rock, rocky jazz funk, and jazzy funk rock have been the dominant sound for a decade, but this year featured some shows that acknowledged the broader spectrum of music. On Friday, April 27, the festival closed with sets by Sting and Sturgill Simpson.

The Milky Way: Bantam Foxes Play Favorites

Indie rock band Bantam Foxes are music fans first. When their album Triumph came out last fall, brothers Collin and Sam McCabe couldn't tell their story without mentioning the bands they like in the process. Saturday night, they'll play the Old U.S. Mint at 8 p.m. Today they've outlined the eight songs that define their musical universe.