Jazz Fest Review: Public Enemy Can't Find a Foe in the Crowd

Backseat drivers have many ideas about what Jazz Fest should do differently, some of which are more possible than others. I hope to see more bookings like Jason Isbell and Laura Mvula, even though neither set was entirely successful. Those bookings likely didn’t sell many tickets, but other artists in those slots weren’t counted on to sell tickets either.

Jazz Fest Preview: Our Picks for Weekend One

During Jazz Fest, picks and are closer to a wish list than a plan. I can say now that I intend to see these acts, but if something I'm passing by catches my ear (or looks good to eat or drink), then the plan is sidetracked if not derailed completely.

My default mode is usually the international music since the international groups are the ones I'm least likely to see or hear again. They don't all hold my interest equally, but I try to check them out. 

Jazz Fest Preview: Public Enemy Didn't Change; The Culture Did

Seminal hip-hop outfit Public Enemy was not always the media darling it is today. Before its ascendancy to icon status, the group, which plays Jazz Fest on Friday, was in many spheres considered a threat to public decorum, frequently lumped in with radicals like the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam.