Tony Molina and Mike Krol Flew the Flag for Guitars Last Monday Night

In the battle of guitars vs. turntables, the DJs won. Electronic music flows from the days of two turntables and a microphone, and the bricolage sensibility that drove it is now manifest in the pop marketplace and indie spaces. The ultimate sign of the DJs’ success is the number of ad jingles and TV theme songs that feature electronic music. When you’re part of the wallpaper of people’s lives, you won.

Paul Collins Is Going for Timeless

Power pop was grown from the most mainstream DNA--Beatles-like pop, garage rock energy--but its heyday is the moment that never happened. The "Shake Some Action"-era Flamin' Groovies wore their Beatles and Stones influences most proudly, but it can be heard in Shoes, Dwight Twilley Band, The Records, and The Plimsouls to name a few. If you hear Todd Rundgren in their sound, you're likely right and wrong.

Shoes Like New Again

This is a story from a moment that never existed. In the mid-1970s, power pop seemed like a great idea, combining a love of pure pop starting but hardly ending with The Beatles with the crunch of then-contemporary rock ‘n’ roll.