Last Night: Mogwai Threatens Organ Integrity

[Updated] Most every Mogwai song follows the same formula. An understated basic-chord harmony builds up into a sweeping, cosmic crescendo of instrumentation and sound. There are not a lot of change-ups, and speed-shifts usually occur just once, in the middle, facilitating the inevitable explosion-of-sound. The repetition is such that when listened to on a stereo or laptop, the instrumentals are subdued, almost ambient.

Last Night: Sigur Ros Redefines Fun

People who went to Sigur Rós' show at Champions Square last night expecting fun probably went home a little unsatisfied. Perhaps it all depends on your definition of "fun." A generalized fun show usually involves dancing, singing along and having an all-together rowdy time. Thursday's technical, bombastic, impressive performance from the Icelandic post-rockers wasn't a show for that kind of fun.

Last Night: Godspeed You! Goes at Its Own Pace

Thunderous Canadian post-rock instrumental group Godspeed You! Black Emperor played a two-hour set to Tipitina’s last night, but it didn’t feel like two hours. Even near its end, the show felt like it was only an introduction to their beautiful, captivating organized noise. Their sound calls for standing completely still in silent reverence, and last night’s crowd obeyed.