Pink Martini's Life After Mancini

Pink Martini didn’t become a lounge band for the reasons you might expect. No one watched Robin and the Seven Hoods and said That! I want to be cool like that! No one worked in a secondhand store, saw a few sharkskin suits and thought, Bands have started with less. No one lucked into a stash of exotica hi-fi albums and stereo test records in a Salvation Army and wondered, How can I make that sound? No, Pink Martini started when Thomas Lauderdale got political.

Sallie Ford Says It Straight

Portland-based rock act Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside has a frontwoman who tells it like it is. She writes rock ‘n’ roll music that is peppered with sarcasm and anger, innuendos and not-so-subtle confessions. “There are some naughty songs on the record,” Ford says, laughing. “Most of the time, I just end up being really blunt.” Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside play One Eyed Jacks on Sunday night.