Lizzo Challenges Critics, But She Doesn't Need To

Lizzo has made her name for by loving herself and forcing everyone else to follow suit. Her message is one of aggressive self-empowerment, and it has given voice to many people who never see themselves represented in mainstream pop culture. She’s incessantly positive about her size, gender, and race because she exists in an industry and world that proves she must be. She’s is setting a lot of firsts, and in order to normalize the things she wants to normalize, she must be relentless.

Behind the Scenes with Big Freedia

Yesterday, released "Big Freedia - the Queen Diva," a half-hour mini-documentary that has the inescapable footage of p-popping dancers and a tour of Freedia's house and neighborhood, but it also includes scenes from his personal life and a revealing conversation about the business of bounce as his management debates how to take Freedia to the next level.