Pink Martini's Life After Mancini

Pink Martini didn’t become a lounge band for the reasons you might expect. No one watched Robin and the Seven Hoods and said That! I want to be cool like that! No one worked in a secondhand store, saw a few sharkskin suits and thought, Bands have started with less. No one lucked into a stash of exotica hi-fi albums and stereo test records in a Salvation Army and wondered, How can I make that sound? No, Pink Martini started when Thomas Lauderdale got political.

Pink Martini Has Exotic Dreams

When Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini was asked if The Von Trapps could sing with his group during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland two years ago, he was thrilled. “I’m obsessed with The Sound of Music like many Americans, and there isn’t a name that one has such as an emotional reaction to as ‘Von Trapp,’” Lauderdale says. These Von Trapps are the great grandchildren of Kurt, the youngest son, and they’re ages 19 to 25.