"American Band," a Very British Band, and Bryson Tiller Wants to Explain

The Drive-By Truckers’ recent albums resembled the output of a mid-career contemporary novelist—well-observed, well-crafted, but slightly dour with differences between them that meant more to the Truckers than their audience. Yesterday I turned to their new album, American Band, to feel some righteous anger, and the album marks a broadening of the band’s stake and focus—one tipped by the album title.

Becoming Traditional: Chef Menteur

All but the most cynical bands are labors of love. There's too much work for too little return to play music for anything but personal reasons. In the case of Chef Menteur, there are enough structural impediments that members Alec Vance, Dan Haugh, Brian Abbott and Phil Rollins have to love making music. First, they make open-ended, psychedelic music, which has only been really popular if your band's name rhymes with Sink Toyed.