JoJo Gave and Got Mad Love at Republic

JoJo’s career started in the early 2000s when MTV’s TRL and the teen pop era it escorted into America’s malls and living rooms were starting their decline. She received acclaim in 2004 for the single “Leave (Get Out),” which she recorded when she was 12. The single went gold and earned her MTV Music Award, Billboard Music Award and Radio Disney Music Award nominations (she won the RD for “Best Video That Rocks”). 

Graffiti Echoes Vietnam?

Recently while driving Tchoupitoulas--one of the few ways to escape Uptown--my wife saw some new stenciled graffiti on the side streets. We doubled back and found one wall that looked like a place where someone tried out stencils of dollar signs, spray paint cans with hearts on them, and a younger George W. Bush's head. Around the corner is a clown made scary by its sloppily painted red nose and blue tie.

Meet Kelcy Mae

Recently, Kelcy Mae released Half-Light, an album that is half new material and half songs that appeared on last year's EP, The Fire. Like The Fire, songs on Half-Light are economical with space in the sound and lyrics that trust the listener to make necessary connections. This time, the stand-out element is her voice.

Jazz Fest Review: Sunday in Pictures

On Sunday, photographer Patrick Ainsworth shot the last day of Jazz Fest, and here are his highlights. For him, the set of the day came from Aaron Neville, who closed the Gospel Tent. He wrote:

He was crying or sweating a lot, but either way Aaron Neville's performance was incredibly powerful. It reminded me  of when I waylaid by Nina Simone while sitting in the grass at the Jazz Tent in the early '90s. I've never really been an Aaron Neville fan. Never got his singing. Now I get it, and he really is a musical giant.

Jazz Fest Preview: Meet Luke Winslow-King

We're pleased to welcome photographer Greg Miles to the My Spilt Milk family. Greg has worked with many magazines in town and nationally, and he has a distinctive visual voice that I'm happy to feature. Today his subject is Luke Winslow-King, an equally strong stylist in his own right. Winslow-King will play Jazz Fest today at 3:45 p.m. on the Lagniappe Stage.

You can click on Greg's photos to see larger versions of them in a viewer.