On Stage in New Orleans in 2016

[Updated] My Spilt Milk's contributors and particularly photographers Patrick Ainsworth and Steven Hatley see a lot of music in a year--more than we write about. In 2016, we want to document that and put all those photos in one place. This post will be updated regularly, and each time it is freshened, we'll draw attention to it again. When it gets too big, we'll create a Part II, Part III, and more if necessary. Whatever the case, we'll have a photographic record of the year in music as it happens.

Two Ways to Hear Nathaniel Rateliff, and Other Concerts

Sunday night, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats played Tipitina’s, and by the end of the night I wasn’t sure what I thought about the show. The band couldn’t wear its collective love of Stax/Volt R&B more obviously if they were all wearing T-shirts from its museum’s gift shop, but for most of the show, I wanted the band to groove harder when the tempos dropped and the songs became more intimate.

Jessie Ware Charms the Parish

Jessie Ware made her name in 2012 with the single "Wildest Moments," which like much of her music connects R&B, soul and electronic dance music. Ware came to New Orleans Monday night to play The House of Blues' Parish. Photographer Patrick Ainsworth was there, and found her delightful as she charmed the crowd with her voice and obvious affection for New Orleans and its musical history.