Lost Bayou Ramblers Explore Cajun's Outer Limits at Jazz Fest

A lot was good on Friday at Jazz Fest, but nothing was as mind-blowing as the Lost Bayou Ramblers’ set. The Cajun band has shown a healthy sense of adventure since 2012’s Mammoth Waltz, but you could almost always trace musical ideas back to Cajun musical traditions. Friday, they went further out, and it sounded better for the moments of musical exploration.

A Festival too Far?

On the weekend, a friend on Facebook thought that the thousand or so people who showed up at Mardi Gras World for the first day of Bear Creek Bayou might be a sign of “festival fatigue.” It’s a possibility that seems to be in the air, that New Orleanians may have hit the festival saturation point. New Orleans has made festivals part of its identity in recent years, but have we had too much of a good thing?