Elsa Hahne Makes Gravy

"When I started working at OffBeat, my first book had just come out, You Are Where You Eat: Stories and Recipes from the Neighborhoods of New Orleans," Elsa Hahne says over bagels and coffee at Stein's. You Are Where You Eat took Hahne into the kitchens of average New Orleanians - if such things exist - and let them talk about their history with food, cooking, and New Orleans' culinary culture.

Treme: Here to Help

This week's episode started with an illustration of just how accommodating Galatoire's staff can be, and those were real Galatoire's waiters working the floor on the show. When OffBeat shot its cover photo of Antoinette K-Doe  with the Ernie K-Doe statue dining at Galatoire's in 2006, the waiter who brought Toni Bernette (Melissa Leo) a chair is in the shot. We hadn't planned to involve him; photographer Romney was just going to get Antoinette and K-Doe, but he was so helpful that Romney kept shooting when he brought out food that the kitchen kindly sent out for the shot.