The Internet Finds Its Crowd In New Orleans

I saw The Internet almost exactly one month before its performance in New Orleans when it opened for Gorillaz in Chicago, and I was one of the only people around me who knew the band’s music. That night, I got side eyes for knowing and singing along to its songs, but at the House of Blues recently, The Internet’s fan base was devoted. The outpouring of love and energy was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and it was clear that band members were surprised as well.

Jidenna, Syd the Kid and Real Estate Have Our Favorite Things This Week

Jidenna’s set at Essence Festival 2016 was so impressive that as soon as I was out of the Dome, I found him on Spotify and listened to the six or eight songs he had released right away. He presents a very specific vision of black masculinity—cultured, stylish, rooted, and as at home in the street as in the boardroom.

Frank Ocean

Last year, Frank Ocean had about as big a year as you can have without selling an album. His Nostalgia Ultra mixtape was among my top albums of 2011 - an album of romantically troubled R&B that was as current as it was unreleaseable due to numerous unclearable samples (Don Henley threatened to sue him for the use of "Hotel California" in "American Wedding," even though the mixtape was a free download).