VenturePop! Brings Entrepreneurs Together This Weekend

What: VenturePop!
What: A two-day conference for entrepreneurs in creative industries
When: Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1
Where: New Orleans Museum of Art
Why: The conference works to foster community for New Orleans’ entrepreneurs working by themselves in small businesses, often from home. Many accelerator programs first address entrepreneurs whose businesses are scalable; VenturePop! tries to reach those whose businesses aren’t.

NOMA Hosts Arthur Roger's Contemporary Art Mixtape

First note on “Pride of Place: The Making of Contemporary Art in New Orleans”: Some collectors’ collections I’ve seen in museums were startling in the number of inessential pieces by essential artists, but the exhibition of pieces donated to the New Orleans Museum of Art by gallery owner Arthur Roger represents the included artists well. If the only Willie Birch piece you see is his “An American Family,” you've got a goodidea of Birch is about.

Puppets, Trucks and Disco by the Sushi Bar

[Updated] Pussycat's Puppets: Miss Pussycat's puppets remind me of Dr. Seuss because like his characters, the design of hers dictates the world they live in. I can't always tell one rodent species from another when she renders them as puppets, but their deliberately stylized, handmade quality necessitates a world decorated with foil and Christmas lights.