Jazz Fest: Cassandra Wilson Slows Time with Billie Holiday

On Coming Forth by Day, Cassandra Wilson brings a tangible languor to the Billie Holiday songbook. She’s not exhausted, but “The Way You Look Tonight” omits almost all traces of time so that no beat or pulse can hurry on the moment’s reverie. Drummer Thomas Wydler doesn’t push, so tracks have clear rhythms, but they’re heard more than felt.

So Much, So Little

[Updated] It's easy to grouse about South by Southwest. Too many people. Too many bands. Too corporate. Too much everything, all of which is true. No matter how diligently you plan and stay at it, you'll miss bands you wanted to see. Then there are friends who you only see once a year, cool tips you hear about, and a sound you hear coming out of a bar that you have to pursue with no idea what it is. As such, your SXSW never turns out like you planned.