Mark Hughes Brought Community Into Music Education at Lusher

On May 20, 2019 students, parents, and what seemed like every adult who’s known Mark Hughes in the past 20 years piled into the back lot of Pine Street and Willow Street for his last morning meeting, which was a tribute to his time at . The elementary school students excitedly buzzed in their homeroom lines, while adults crammed into any extra space around the perimeter.

Generationals Bone Up on Spinoza

Texture has always been one of the calling cards of Generationals, and the electronic sounds from last year's Lucky Numbers EP have given way to scrubbed guitars on "Spinoza," the lead track that doesn't obviously reference the philosopher in the title from the upcoming album, Heza. They still set their slightly anxious melodies against urgent, clicking rhythms, but this time that is played on a bank of strummed, almost scrubbed, guitars.