Tysson Aims for Plastic, Not Gold

In 2008, John Michael Rouchell made himself an important part of the New Orleans music story. He recorded and released online a song a week for a year, and the musicians he worked with evolved into the band MyNameIsJohnMichael. The album culled from the best of those tracks, The People That Come and Go, found a spot where the folky, working class, storytelling songwriting of someone like Bruce Springsteen met indie rock.

Jazz Fest Preview: John Michael Minus "MyNameIs"

MyNameIsJohnMichael has been conspicuously quiet recently, perhaps because front man and songwriter John Michael Rouchell has retired the band and name. This year when he performs at Jazz Fest on Saturday, April 27 at 12:15, he'll do so under his own name with a band that includes MNIJM alumnus Joe Shirley on keyboards, and Bridge Trio members Joe Dyson Jr. and Max Moran on drums and bass respectively.

Vox and the Hound Go West

“Between the five of us, I guess we do have quite a resumé,” says Vox and the Hound guitarist Rory Callais with a laugh. He, vocalist Leo DeJesus, and keyboardist Daniel “D-Ray” Ray take a minute to think before they tackle the full list. Between their own musical pursuits and those of bassist Andrew Jarman and drummer Eric Rogers, it’s almost too many projects to name.

The Milk Run: June 15, 2012

This has been a good week for me since this website's now live, but it's hard to feel too celebratory when so many good people at The Times-Picayune lost their jobs. It was more touching than I expected when employees updated their Facebook status on the Friends of the Times-Picayune group as "-30-": end of the story.

On to the week ahead: 

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