Music Biz Writer Ari Herstand Learned a Lesson or Two on Frenchmen Street

Ari Herstand found the peace he needed at District Donuts. The musician who writes the music business advice website Ari’s Take had a deadline looming for a book based on his writings, but life at home in Los Angeles proved to be too distracting. When a cousin offered him his Garden District guest house for a few weeks, Herstand jumped at the chance. Once there, he developed a routine.

A Love of the Unknown

Mas Mas: The music world is not without anonymity, with the advent of sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp making it easier than ever for anyone to make music. Getting discovered online can catalyze an artist's career in mere hours without any marketing, PR, or established commercial identity. My favorite anonymous hitmaker of the last year is Jai Paul, a U.K. producer and singer whose wonky, drugged-out crooners have made a critical splash without Paul ever revealing his identity to the world.