The Dapper Bruce Lafitte Takes on Basquiat, Picasso and Himself

Bruce Davenport Jr. first got attention doing diagram-like artworks that illustrated New Orleans high school marching bands in the streets of New Orleans. His pieces were featured in the great hall at NOMA for Prospect.2, and they walk a naïve/contemporary art line with a personal notion of perspective and big, geometric designs rendered in marker and ink.

Neal Adams Fights the Bulk

In the 1970s, Jack Kirby and Neal Adams were the two gravitational poles of comic book art. Kirby’s work was all space-aged, visual dynamics, with cosmic impact in every brush stroke, while Adams’ work was far less obviously stylized. His figures were less blocky and musclebound than those of his peers and certainly less so than those drawn by Kirby, whose superheroes were often costumed tanks.