Jazz Fest: The Second Sunday's Schedule and Picks

Saturday ended with a number of impromptu water features on the Fair Grounds. Drainage ditches cut into the infield became lakes, particularly at the Acura Stage, where video showed people going knee deep to cross it. The good news is that the water will likely have drained by the opening of Jazz Fest today. The bad news is that the grounds will likely be a muddy mess. And more storms are expected.

Jazz Fest: The Second Friday's Schedule and Picks

Yesterday a friend said that many of his best Jazz Fest moments came during the rain, and I get that. There's something communal about everybody slogging it out in the rain together for a band that feels special, and the bands clearly appreciate our hardiness. Less magical is the aftermath--the mud. Let's hope for the best at the Fair Grounds today, but I can't imagine it got hot enough yesterday after the rain to dry up the mooshy spots. Fortunately, we should have a hot, relatively rain-free day to day, and that will help. 

Voodoo News: A Long Last Look at a Shortened Voodoo

It was a shame to have Voodoo 2015 come to an early end with Sunday lost to rain and mud, but judging by the photos organizers posted on Facebook, the grounds were at least miserable if not dangerous. And, it’s hard to imagine who made the long, slow, precarious slog out through ankle-deep damp mud at the end of the night Saturday and didn’t ask themselves if anyone was worth another day of that.

Voodoo News: No Voodoo Sunday

[Updated] Organizers of the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience have contended all week that it is a rain-or-shine experience, but this morning they announced that the festival's final day is cancelled. 

"Due to dangerous weather conditions including forecasted persistent rain and flash flood warnings for Orleans Parish for Sunday, November 1, the final day of the 2015 Voodoo Music and Arts Experience has been cancelled."

Voodoo News: Sunday's Picks

Saturday didn't deliver the monsoon we were led to expect, but the continuous light rain, combined with all the foot traffic, took its toll on City Park's festival grounds. The plot of land that hosts Voodoo doesn't drain particularly well, so leaving after Ozzy Osbourne's closing set meant a literally joyless slog through mud and standing water--thankfully shallow, but still .... With that in mind, our top pick for Sunday is shoes you don't care about or shrimp boots that can take a beating.

Jazz Fest Day 6: Fleetwood Mac Still Has Issues

Thankfully, the conditions stopped being a story at Jazz Fest Saturday. Yes, a drainage trench near the Fais Do-Do Stage created an island of the hardcore near the stage while the timid watched from afar, and there were a few boggy no-man's lands, but the track was firm enough that walking didn't require more than casual attention. Thankfully, the music was once again the story starting with Fleetwood Mac, who drew a crowd that was as large if not larger than Bruce Springsteen's, and definitely larger than Bon Jovi's.

Jazz Fest Day 5: We're Turning the Floor of This Race Track Into a Mud Pit

Thursday's rain on top of last weekend's rain on top of this week's rain left the Fair Grounds such a mess that opening Friday was delayed an hour to give Jazz Fest workers a chance to bring in more dirt, more straw, and try to stabilize the muddy mess. Unfortunately, there was only so much that could be done, and the efforts were largely invisible, or noticeable only to those who knew what the Fair Grounds were like around 8 that morning.