Grosser Talks About Things Better Not to Tell

New Orleans-based hip-hop artist Grosser is in no hurry on his first mixtape, calm as things better not to tell. He takes his time on tracks that groove more than they hurry people to the dance floor. Throughout, the tracks' textures are clearly deliberate but they feel organic, like the natural soundtrack for somebody talking as much to himself as the audience as he works out his shit.

OverDoz Goes Boom

Tonight, rapper A$AP Ferg and the A$AP Mob headline a hip-hop show at The Republic, with Joey Fatts, Aston Matthews, OverDoz, and 100s opening. Recently, Los Angeles-based OverDoz released a good mixtape, Boom. "Wish I could fuck, smoke weed and sleep all day, but I've got to get this money," they say, and that pretty much defines their lyrical world.

Madd Wikkid at the Intersection

Under the name The Madd Wikkid, recording engineer Earl Scioneaux III has explored the place where technology and New Orleans music interact. Earlier this year, he released Brassft Punk, giving a brass band the challenge of remaking Daft Punk songs, and 2010's Electronola put some of the city's jazz and funk greats next to a host of techno beats.