Tav Falco Tries on Christmas This Year

[Update] Those who know Tav Falco know for either Panther Burns’ blind-man-with-a-flare-gun approach to rockabilly and American roots music, or they know him as the tango guy. The latter is a trickier stance to get a grip on because his edge, if he has one, isn’t obvious. Maybe his tongue is every so delicately in his cheek, but he might really be serious too.

Mike Watt Goes to Work with il sogno del marinaio

“This is going to be my 65th tour,” bassist Mike Watt of his current American tour with il sogno del marinaio. The group is a trio that formed when Italians Stefano Pilia and Andrea Belfi asked him to join them. They’ve made two albums together including the recent Canto Secondo, and now Watt’s showing them America his way—“jamming econo” for 53 shows in 53 days.