Voodoo Review: Pearl Jam Goes Gleason, Voodoo Goes Noisy

Friday was the first day for Voodoo on City Park's Festival Grounds. On the plus side, you can move more quickly from stage to stage, and there few sad, lonely outposts where bands and fans seemed isolated from the rest of the festival, as could happen on the previous footprint. On the downside, the sound bleed was really rough, particularly on the smaller Flambeau and Carnival stages.

Trombone Shorty Joins Gleason Gras

Last year, former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason announced that he was living with ALS, and Rehage Entertainment organized the inaugural Gleason Gras in Champions Square to raise money for the Gleason Initiative Foundation, which helps provide equpiment for those dealing with the condition. Gleason Gras returns to Champions Square Sunday for a show headlined by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and, as announced yesterday, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue.

Here's the full lineup: