The Drive-By Truckers Lighten Up at Tipitina's

The permission the Drive-By Truckers gave themselves to broaden their focus and work more intuitively on American Band extended to the current tour, where they’ve finally allowed themselves to pick up acoustic guitars. At Tipitina’s Saturday night, the Truckers knew how to back off as well as step on the gas, and they knew when to say when.

The Drive-By Truckers Come Alive

The Drive-By Truckers made their name with 2001’s Southern Rock Opera, but for a few years it seemed like Southern Rock Soap Opera couldn’t be far behind. With the exception of DBT lifers Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, and long-time drummer Brad Morgan, the band’s lineup has always been in some kind of flux. From the mid-2000s until a few years ago, those changes threatened to weigh the band down.

Last Night: The Truckers Do More with Less

The last time The Drive-By Truckers played Tipitina's, I was worried about their future. The two-night stand couldn't shake a gray mood, partly because singer Patterson Hood had injured his hand and instead of playing guitar, he could only sing and figure out what to do with himself during the instrumental sections. The generally dark material from Go-Go Boots that they were touring didn't help, but musically the band was heavy in the worst way.