Star & Micey Are Full of Suprises

Superstorm Sandy almost cost Star & Micey a van door. "If it had been our old touring van, it would have blown away," Joshua Cosby says. The Memphis-based folk pop band had the misfortune of touring the Northeast while Sandy was at its peak, and they felt its effects as far from the coast as Michigan. They lost a date in Cleveland due to a power outage, and even though they'd been assured that their New York City date was solid ("Our electricity's on; it's game on," they were told), it ended up being cancelled.

Voodoo: A Light-Hearted Metallica?

"We're Green Day except taller," Metallica's James Hetfield announced Saturday night at The Voodoo Experience, acknowledging the band that was scheduled to occupy the closing slot up until three weeks ago. The band further referenced Green Day with a quote from "American Idiot" in the encore, and playful moments like that showed another side to Metallica.

Voodoo: Where We'll Be Saturday

Yesterday at Voodoo, I carried a light jacket in case I needed it; tonight, I fear a light jacket won't be enough, and that we'll enjoy the pyro in Metallica's show for the excitement and radiant heat it generates. Hmmmm, toasty.

Here's where Team Milk plans to be today. For those who planned on seeing K'Naan at 3:45, his set has been moved up to 2 p.m., flipping spots with The Revivalists, who'll now play at 4 p.m. It's right on the schedule on Voodoo's website