Shortly Cares About Community

Shortly wants listeners to see each other. In previous projects, Alexandria Maniak often felt tokenized and not taken seriously, but as Shortly, she is building herself into a beautifully introspective songwriter while building a community, too. Her EP, Richmond, stresses the importance of finding the ambiguity and nuance of the world in order to create more original, honest work.

Alfred Banks Discovers What's in a Name

[Updated] Alfred Banks, 24, left Loyola University two years into his degree in 2011, but he still has meetings there. "It's my place of solace," he says. He likes the environment, but he doesn't plan to return any time soon. “Music is becoming something for me, so the day job I have is probably my last day job,” he says in a lounge tucked away in the Communications and Music Complex on campus. “With the Internet, everything, anything can become a job.”

Hell Yes Fest is Cracking Up

The stereotype of stand-up comedians is that they’re neurotic messes. The game show structure behind Comedy Central’s @Midnight seems to heighten the stand-up contestants’ antic qualities, and NPR’s Linda Holmes affectionately described comedian Marc Maron as “an open wound”—a phrasing he might not choose but an emotional assessment he doesn’t deny.