Dr. John and the Importance of Making Groceries

Dr. John’s most enduring mode was translator of New Orleans. He covered a few careers’ worth of musical ground and was never simply anything, but after 1972’s Gumbo, that was his gig—to help the rest of the country understand his hometown. Its history, its reality, and its romance. That role resonated in a way that psychedelic explorer of the alternative spiritual planes didn’t, and it was a role that left him room to grow.

Mem Shannon Remembers Jimmy Glickman Belatedly Thanks to Facebook

In the last few weeks, word has circulated about Facebook’s Filtered Messages mailbox—one that few people knew existed. After musicians found gig offers from the past misdirected into that file, I checked mine. Most of the messages were typically spamtastic, but one message came from Mem Shannon a few months ago when I asked musicians for their memories of New Orleans’ Music Exchange’s Jimmy Glickman.