No Go?

Recently, Dennis Persica wrote at The New Orleans Advocate:

Despite all of the recent public fretting, the go-cup is not being killed off. It’s only being regulated — regulated a lot more than, say, guns or campaign contributions.

The Moratorium's Over; Mimi's Silenced by Court Order

September 27, 2012 was an emotional day for the New Orleans music community. That afternoon, musicians, club owners, bartenders, fans, journalists and others met at Kermit's Speakeasy for a heated meeting expressing concern over the perceived crackdown by the city on zoning and permitting violations.

Dealing with City Hall: The Short Form

"Can you do what you want to do where you want to do it?" According to Scott Hutcheson, Cultural Economy Advisor to Mayor Mitch Landrieu, that's the question. Recent controversies involving The Circle Bar and Siberia have caused some to think the Mayor has declared war on live music, but Hutcheson doesn't see it that way. "What you saw happen was not against musicians or the music. It was a business who was not in compliance with the licenses they had.