Arcade Fire Gets Serious

Going into the Arcade Fire show Tuesday night at the UNO Lakefront Arena, the story was that the show didn’t sell particularly well. Two hours later by the end of “Wake Up,” I felt for the people who didn’t buy tickets because they missed a show as compelling as U2’s in the Superdome without the wind of nostalgia at its back. I ended up glad that their absence left room for so many people to dance with abandon at a rock ’n’ roll show.

Up in the Bud Light Hotel

There will be dancing girls in the windows, we're told. We're being walked through the Bud Light Hotel - the temporarily transformed Wyndham Hotel, which has been heavily decked out in Bud Light blue including a blue carpet instead of a red one that leads to a patio. Just days ago, it didn't exist; it was the guests' drive to the front door. The patio has a bar - naturally - seating, and windows where tonight and throughout the weekend, there will be dancers.