Luke Winslow-King Unveils His "Troubles"

If there’s a knock against Luke Winslow-King’s blues, is that they sometimes betray study carrel pallor. He’s adept at swinging, acoustic pre-war blues, but that facility comes with some clear deliberation. Sadly, it took divorce-level heartache for him to find the more organic and sometimes heavy version of the blues evident on I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always, which is out today on Bloodshot Records. 

Miss Sophie Lee's Path to Frenchmen Street

Miss Sophie Lee didn’t start off looking to be a jazz singer. She has been on a musical path all her life, playing piano and violin as a child, and she went to a performing arts school in her native Chicago when she was five. “Love of music happened very early,” Lee says. She started taking singing lessons when she was in junior high and went to college for classical piano performance. The classical music career she’d been aimed at since childhood didn’t happen, though.

Jazz Fest: Luke Winslow-King was Picked by the Blues

When Luke Winslow-King released his second Bloodshot Records album, Everlasting Arms, we talked about his relationship to the blues. He plays Jazz Fest's Lagniappe Stage today at 2:05 p.m., and he'll sit in on lead guitar with Little Freddie King during his set in the Blues Tent at 12:10 p.m. 

“The blues picked me, and I’m going to go with it.”

Jazz Fest Preview: Meet Luke Winslow-King

We're pleased to welcome photographer Greg Miles to the My Spilt Milk family. Greg has worked with many magazines in town and nationally, and he has a distinctive visual voice that I'm happy to feature. Today his subject is Luke Winslow-King, an equally strong stylist in his own right. Winslow-King will play Jazz Fest today at 3:45 p.m. on the Lagniappe Stage.

You can click on Greg's photos to see larger versions of them in a viewer.

To List or Not to List?

[Updated] I hadn't planned to do a year-end best-of list for a host of reasons. I'm not a list person, and that's not how I think. I know people, sites and magazines that do Top 50 lists, and I couldn't imagine how or why you'd try do decide if Album A is number 42 and Album B is number 43. I'm also not sure what the use is of year-end lists.