The Lost Bayou Ramblers Make Cajun Modern on "Kalenda"

[Updated] It’s easy to hear why Lost Bayou Ramblers’ Kalenda received a Grammy nomination for Best Regional Roots Music Album. The album shows clear Cajun roots, and the non-pop music voters in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences value roots. At the same time, Kalenda sounds contemporary—something the Academy’s pop voters love and can understand.

A New Home Lets The Music Box Think Big

Wherever The Music Box has been located—on Piety Street, in Shreveport, City Park, or Tampa—musicians have “played” the instruments built by artists into architectural structures. Some structures are the picture of low-tech, such as Elizabeth Shannon’s dome-shaped shaker—a wire cage wrapped in lace on the outside with bells on the inside.

Southsounds Music Festival Reps for the Region

[Updated] The Southsounds Music Festival is the largest southern indie music festival, and it takes place this weekend at clubs in Mobile, Alabama. The organizers throw a stylistically wide net, so Louisiana will be represented by artists as different as Lost Bayou Ramblers, New Orleans Suspects, Brassft Punk, Moon Honey, Baby Bee, The Deslondes, Andrew Duhon, Naughty Professor, and Sweet Crude.

Voodoo: What's Black and Blue and White All Over?

Jack White's always interesting, which may be the definition of a rock star. His bands are all provocative, all different, and his antics are just eccentric enough to feed more-money-than-sense conversations. Carry two bands on tour? Expect interns at Third Man Records to dress in the label's color scheme? These reek of indulgence, but the resulting work consistently mitigates the eccentricities.