Local Natives Drink from the Fountain Of Youth

At some point in our lives, we all learn the value of youthfulness. To live in a state of unbridled hope and expectation with the feeling that you can do anything you set your mind to is something we should all strive for. With their third studio album Sunlit Youth, Local Natives have harnessed the concept of youthfulness, and used it to fuel their artistic process.

Last Night: Miguel Preaches the Gospel of Wildheart

Miguel blasted onstage at the Joy Theater Tuesday night with the energy of someone who loves his life right now. Dressed in ripped white jeans and an open white jacket with white feathers on the sleeves, his energy bordered on too much for the moment as he gave everybody the full Miguel. He smiled, posed, danced, and showed off his cut chest and abs with the adrenaline of someone feeling like this is his moment.

The Continental Drifters Look Back on "Drifted" and Its Covers

Today, Drifted: In the Beginning & Beyond documents The Continental Drifters’ early years in Los Angeles and the band's love of cover songs. Once a version of the band moved to New Orleans in 1993, their shows regularly included musical guests, and accommodating them required the band to learn to play other people’s songs. As bassist Mark Walton says, that wasn’t his forte, but it became one of the band’s hallmarks.