Roar! Starts Buku Today on a Positive Note

When Carly Meyers of Roar! doesn’t have to stay in one place to play a keyboard part, she sings and dances with the easy freedom of someone alone in her room with her favorite records. In conversation, she and bandmate Adam Gertner are similarly enthusiastic, helping each other answer questions and clearly happy to have the rock ’n’ roll adventure and whatever comes with it. They’re big in Tulsa she says, and while that’s not likely the dream that motivated any musicians outside Oklahoma, Roar!

Last Night: GOASTT is Indistinct; Kishi Bashi Lives (and Lets Die)

Last night, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger played downtown at One Eyed Jacks while Kishi Bashi performed Uptown at Gasa Gasa. My night started with the plan of trying to see both. I’ve generally liked Sean Lennon’s music, and Midnight Sun, the recent album by the band, is beautifully psychedelic and heavy.

Julianna Barwick stands alone

Julianna Barwick would sit in the pews at church three times a week, listening to the choir as it layered harmony upon harmony, building into big moments but highlighting small, quiet reflections with precision. Barwick, originally from West Monroe, was captivated by the swirl of voices and sounds that created an acoustic experience that would stay with her as she grew older — so much so that it became her mission as a musician to reproduce that spiritual wonder and reproduce it alone.