Ariel Pink Doesn't Want Attention

In interviews following the release of Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, Ariel Pink spoke about his quest for attention ad nauseam. Until he was 26, Pink felt unacknowledged, desperately fighting to be noticed. But once he finally got the attention he craved, Pink lost what initially drove him to make music, forcing him to rethink how to write songs without that short-sighted goal in mind.

Girlpool Connects with Vulnerability and Friendship

In the middle of Girlpool’s show last week at Republic, guitarist Cleo Tucker laughed at her bandmate and best friend Harmony Tividad as the two joked about how amazing it would be if Starbucks had a gas station. The audience, a modest crowd clad in baggy jeans, button up shirts, and grunge hair styles, giggled along with the band.

The Orwells grow up in all the right ways

The members of the Orwells don't need to be reminded of their youth; writers can't leave the topic alone. Yes, the members of the band were all in high school when they started playing. They love to get wasted onstage, but they aren't even 20 yet. At a quick glance, the five Orwells seem like some party kids who got lucky and can now do what they did in garages in front of audiences in clubs.