Gotham Green & Quickie Mart are in a Haze, and a Lil Wayne Question

Quickie Mart has been collaborating with rapper Gotham Green on the Haze Diaries releases since 2009. Haze Diaries Vol. 4 will be available this August with guest spots by Freddie Gibbs, Wax, Grafh, T. Mills, Zeale, Casey Abrams and Jes Hudak. In the meantime, here's a track from the album for download, "Everything," featuring El Prez.

Lil Twist Rethinks Twisted

On a number of occasions, rapper Lil Twist has referred to his Young Money Cash Money label as family, and they've raised him well. The 19-year-old has good manners, even calling me "sir." He was in town Friday to perform at the UNO Lakefront Arena with Mindless Behavior and Jacob Latimore. They're on the last leg of a national tour, and his tour manager's Blackberry shows the damage that accompanies working with a teenage star.

Curren$y on Wiz, Pharrell and The Stoned Immaculate

Saying Curren$y's back seems wrong because he never goes away. The Stoned Immaculate is his second Warner Brothers release, and likeWeekend at Burnie's, it presents Spitta at his most accessible. The beats are still luxurious and he still obviously enjoys his own languorous flow, but it's all slightly more precise, 15 percent less weedy (except for "Showdown" - he's post-verbal by the end of the track).

Manufactured Beef?

It's hard to feel the reality in the Young Money Cash Money/G.O.O.D. Records beef. The story trickles along, but almost everybody involved is trying to back away from it, offering endorsements of their side without taking hard swings at the other.