Lil Wayne Keeps Riding

I spent part of yesterday playing “Free Weezy: Sqvad Up”—Lil Wayne’s new skateboarding game app. So far I get 10 to 15 seconds of game play followed by 30 seconds of ads for other games after my generic skateboarder has been knocked off his board by a bird. The only thing that marks the game as a Weezy product is his image in the app icon and his voice (I think), which says, “Welcome to Hollygrove, my town" when the game starts, and "Don’t give up that easy!

PBS Wins

[Updated] When George Porter Jr. split from PBS in 2009, he set in motion a lengthy legal battle that ended Friday. The band's management, Highsteppin' Productions, sued Porter, Russell Batiste and Brian Stoltz for more than $500,000 it claimed the band owed it from advances, loans, and money spent on behalf of PBS.