Zack Villere Reveals His "Little World"

On Little World, Zack Villere sounds like he was born the day Prince recorded “Christopher Tracy’s Parade” and has spent his life examining his birthright. Without a Paisley Park at his disposal, Villere scales down his psychedelic pop/funk soundscape to the limits of his laptop, and his vision is less luxe—more Under the Whataburger Sign than Under the Cherry Moon.

Zack Villere Tries to Figure Out What's "Next"

When I interviewed electronic artist Zack Villere in 2016, he saw a future as a singer. 

“There are so many different facets to pop music that I can make what I want if I call it pop,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s pop like Justin Timberlake pop, but it might be. You never know what the next wave of popular music will sound like.”

PANTyRAiD Will See the Dessert Menu

There's a moment on every first date where the momentum shifts. Awkward either pulls up a chair and tucks a napkin in its collar, or is magically dispelled by good conversation and a well-timed cocktail. That hinge, where things bend one way or the other, that's the place PANTyRAiD waits for. Having asked all the right (or at least interesting) questions, laughed just long enough, but not too long, and kept their elbows off the table, their charm is hard to resist. Dessert is on its way by the time they drop the beat.