Kelcy Mae Drops Her Multi-Purpose Merry Christmas Video

In October, we wrote about Kelcy Mae's efforts to crowdsource images of celebration from the LGBTQ community for the video for her new Christmas song, "Christmas with You (Merry Me)." The song she wrote two years ago dramatizes the pressure gay couples feel to spend the holidays apart with their respective families because conventional relationship markers--engaged, married--made it hard for families to respect them in quite the same way that they would accord straight couples.

Kelcy Mae Needs You to Help Her Have a Merry Christmas

The first sub-60s temperatures in months have New Orleanians reaching for sweaters and thinking of cool weather to come. That, naturally, leads to thoughts of the Christmas season, and this year the big four of holiday touring spectacles will visit New Orleans: Mannheim Steamroller (November 14), the Brian Setzer Orchestra (December 8), Trans-Siberian Orchestra (December 10), and John Waters (December 17).

Meet Kelcy Mae

Recently, Kelcy Mae released Half-Light, an album that is half new material and half songs that appeared on last year's EP, The Fire. Like The Fire, songs on Half-Light are economical with space in the sound and lyrics that trust the listener to make necessary connections. This time, the stand-out element is her voice.

Help Wanted: Alexandra Scott, Kelcy Mae, and Deborah Cotton

[Updated] With one week to go, Alexandra Scott is hoping for your support for a recording project. As she explains in this video, she had set aside money to record new material - money she had to spend on her dog when he became ill. She can tell the rest of the story, but she is in the last week of a fundraising campaign at