Pop-Up Magazine Brings the Print Experience to the Civic Stage

"Live" and "magazine" aren't two words that normally go together, but Pop-Up Magazine is working to change that. Originating in the Bay Area in 2009, Pop-Up puts on shows all over the U.S., bringing renowned artists together to perform or show original reported features. The shows aren't recorded or posted online in any way, and afterward the artists and audience mingle, creating a powerful, singular experience.

The Best on Bowie

[Updated] When I suggested yesterday that many critics and journalists felt David Bowie’s death too strongly to jump in with their strongest stuff right away, it looks like there was something to that. Later Monday and on Tuesday, stronger pieces started to show up, and speaking personally, my own game got a little better.

My Spilt Milk Now Part of New Orleans Digital News Alliance

Today, I'm pleased to announce that My Spilt Milk has joined with NOLA Defender, The Lens and Uptown Messenger to form the New Orleans Digital News Alliance. We share a commitment to the importance of locally owned, independent news online, and see our coverage of the city not as a profession but a form of community engagement.

The Nola.com Experience - June 20, 2012

The last time I looked at the Nola.com app, I was on the Entertainment page, so when I launched the app today at 7:30 a.m., it opened with Entertainment and its lead story is "Jonathan Richman, Clint Maedgen and more New Orleans music for Tuesday, June 19." One danger of having the lead story be the most recent story is that you risk having something out of date like this top your morning entertainment news, as opposed to "Oscar Statuette to be William Joyce's Date to 'Morris Lessmore' Book Signing" (Friday at NOCCA from 6 to 8 p.m.) or "HBO's 'Treme' Will Return in Late September" (Septemb

The Nola.com Experience - June 12, 2012

My wife and I decided that if The Times-Picayune owners thought we didn't need the paper four days of the week, we probably didn't need it the other three and canceled our subscription. One regular feature of MySpiltMilk.com (which will be live tomorrow) is going to be documenting my efforts to stay informed through Nola.com. Today's post has a particularly painful backdrop as T-P staffers are learning their fates today.

The T-P Rally & America's Petri Dish

On Monday afternoon, New Orleans protested in New Orleans fashion. The Save the Times-Picayune Rally in the parking lot of the Rock 'n' Bowl featured beer, costumes - including Joan of Arc and an accompanying knight - and music. Kermit Ruffins joined the Lonely, Lonely Knights to wing a new song, "Do the Times-Picayune," and Allen Toussaint played a set of his classics backed by Rod Hodges and Rene Coman of the Iguanas with Carlo Nuccio on drums.