Dale Watson was a Fashion Icon Thursday at Jazz Fest

[Revised] Men in the crowd Thursday at Jazz Fest envied Date Watson’s wardrobe. The Texas “Ameripolitan” singer and guitar player performed on the Sheraton New Orleans Fais Do Do Stage dressed in a Johnny Cash-like long, black coat, black vest, and black slacks, and he looked not only sharp but warm. Thursday at the Fair Grounds was the first time I’ve been cold at the festival without also being wet, and I like so many others I made clothing choices based simply on the premise that the rain had passed.

It's My Song. No It's My Song

[Updated] Recently, my wife and I heard “It’s My Life” and had a who-is-that moment. She came up with No Doubt; me—Talk Talk. In fact, it was Talk Talk synth-pop version from 1984, but No Doubt’s arrangement stayed pretty close to the original so I heard what she heard. The experience illustrated how a song’s popularity is tied to time. A friend similarly argued that if the ’90s are your musical sweet spot, “Hurt” is obviously a Nine Inch Nails songs. If you’re older or younger, it belongs to Johnny Cash.

Sallie Ford Says It Straight

Portland-based rock act Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside has a frontwoman who tells it like it is. She writes rock ‘n’ roll music that is peppered with sarcasm and anger, innuendos and not-so-subtle confessions. “There are some naughty songs on the record,” Ford says, laughing. “Most of the time, I just end up being really blunt.” Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside play One Eyed Jacks on Sunday night.