Our Spilt Milk: Punk is D.O.A.; "Raffish" Writers Look for Self-Realization

D.O.A.: A Right of Passage is a guerrilla film down to the spelling mistake (I assume) in its title. The 1981 documentary on British punk by Lech Kowalski appears to have been improvised, starting with its pretentious opening with a bird’s eye view of a child being christened, juxtaposed with a woman with chipped nail polish putting a stack of singles on a turntable.

"Punk" Does Justice to Punk

Right from the start, Punk had the sort of branding most magazines would kill for. Its 1975 debut issue featured a lengthy interview with Lou Reed that started during a Ramones show at CBGB and continued into the night. The conversation was one of the definitive depictions in print of Reed as he was often sarcastic, defensive and condescending, but when interviewer John Holmstrom was going for burgers after the show, he wanted to come along.